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  • To Fix Sports Journalism in Alaska

      To Fix Sports Journalism in Alaska     Sports media has been kind of an afterthought in the state of Alaska. The state has limited connection with itself in this area, but there is…

  • How do You get Your News?

    In the age of social media, people get their news in many ways. Through tablets, phones, laptops and computers, these platforms pose the challenge on how to connect them. Successful websites like Vice Media, brings…

  • Short news clips suit our distracted culture

    Actual stories, made by real journalists are not out in the open like the rest of this content, they seem to be hiding behind a wall of traditional media expectations, and much too hard to…

  • April, the pregnant giraffe, now here’s a video worth streaming

    However, I do enjoy the live video streaming that has recently spread world wide.

  • Does Trump’s rise signal need for media reinvention?

    After reading the ‘Boundaries’ of journalism, an article on a recent Harvard panel discussion about journalism today, there is one word that comes to mind, pessimistic. The impression left is the journalism world needs to change…

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