(heart)Breaking News!

(heart)Breaking News!
February 7, 2013 Teri Anderson

Laden with equipment, Ashleigh gets scooped.


At 5pm Wednesday night, Ashleigh and Kyle went to the Princess Hotel with camera and writing equipment. They covered the public-feedback session for Eielson Air Force Base’s proposed relocation of their F-16s. The only other news organizations covering the event were Channel 13 and the News-Miner.

If we were fast, we could break the news!

The place was swimming with big wigs and Ashleigh got an interview with Mayor Luke Hopkins among others.

She and Kyle got out of the event at 8pm and went straight to editing. Ashleigh and I are currently in the Bunnell lab at 1am, done editing but unable to post Ashleigh’s work because the .mov file is too big for WordPress and will take 114 minutes to upload to YouTube!

To add insult to insomnia, we found there was a different meeting the same day at noon so the News-Miner did their reporting there and posted a story and video at 8pm, right when Ashleigh and Kyle left.

The News-Miner scooped us.


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