Folk Fest takes stage at Pioneer Park

Folk Fest takes stage at Pioneer Park
February 15, 2013 Logan Stolpe

By Logan Stolpe, Extreme Alaska

Walking up the stairs to the pioneer park theater the muffled plinking of a banjo and the bassy accompaniment reverberated through the hall.  Clomping packs of kids chased each, making rounds. The crowd ebbed and flowed.  The near constant motion gave the lounge-ish indoor amphitheater a slight festival flavor.

Fairbanks Folk Fest 2012

Zingaro Photo by Robin Wood

The night was steeped in old-timey music with several acts adding different flavors between the sets of fiddles and banjos.  Zingaro brought a Parisian style gypsy jazz with a Fairbanks twist.  The crowd grooved and swayed as they sang about having to go outside at fifty below.

Ice jam, a local fixture of Fairbanks Folk Fests and regulars at College Coffee house played a few folk and bluegrass standards but featured a new member this time.  Bruno Grunau brought his 6-week-old daughter Annabelle up on stage with his sandwiched between himself and his mandolin.

Fairbanks Folk Fest 2012

Bruno Grunau and daughter Annabelle Photo by Robin Wood



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