Hopes to mush

Hopes to mush
February 22, 2013 Teri Anderson

Kyle and I have no one to interview.

For the past few days I followed the progress of the Yukon Quest using their live tracking system. The red lantern musher was scheduled to cross the finish line in Fairbanks at 9pm on Saturday. Kyle and I planned our coverage and geared up to cover the event.

At 5:30pm I checked live tracking yet again to see the announcement that the last musher had crossed at 5:22! Eight minutes ago! Kyle and I raced down to the finish line but arrived to an empty river and twinkling city lights. Besides the strong smell of dog lingering in the snow, there was no sign of mushers nor volunteers.

“If I were a volunteer or a musher, and this whole event had just barely ended, where would I go?” we thought. Where else but the Big I. We burst in toting gear. “Hallo! Is anyone here a musher or a volunteer?” We were promptly carded and then left.


Thinking like a musher.


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