Jewish Film Festival at the Blue Loon

Jewish Film Festival at the Blue Loon
February 24, 2013 Micheal Ives

By Micheal Ives, Extreme Alaska

Dinner and a movie…all in one location.  The Blue Loon has offered a unique experience to Fairbanksans for years.  Yet tonight they up the ante by kicking off a 3-day Jewish Film Festival.  The event begins Sunday (Feb. 24) at 6pm with “My Lovely Sister”.

projector-64149_640The Morroccan-Jewish film tells the tale of Rahma as she rekindles love with her husband by communicating with the ghost of her younger sister, Marie.  The critically acclaimed film won awards at the 2011 Ophir Awards (the Israeli Oscars) for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.  Running time for “My Lonely Sister” is 91 minutes and is shown in Hebrew with English subtitles.

Jewish Film Festival Schedule

-Sunday (February 24):  “My Lonely Sister” showing @ 6pm

-Saturday (March 2):  “Putzel” showing @ 8pm

-Sunday (March 3):  “Footnote” showing @ 6pm


*Link to Blue Loon map and info


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