Wood Center remodel project explained

Wood Center remodel project explained
March 1, 2013 Fred Monrean, Jr.

By Fred Monrean Jr., Extreme Alaska

February 28, 2013

This short documentary style interview took place Monday afternoon with Wood Center Director Lydia Anderson in her office.

Slideshow: Artist renditions of what the completed Wood Center remodel will look like.[portfolio_slideshow id=1183]“Construction is supposed to start the day after commencement. We’re being asked to move out of our office, we’re gonna have to relocate as well as Sun Star and Outdoor Adventures, and they are going to start ripping the place apart.” Said Wood Center Director Lydia Anderson.

Once completed a two story 40,000 square feet addition will take over all the food services currently located at the Lola Tilly.

The Sun Star and Outdoor Adventures offices will be relocated, although it is not yet clear where they will end up. A new coffee bar and seating will occupy the area they are in right now.

Wood Center offices will be displaced until December, possibly into the common area of the building now used by students, but it is unclear where they will go.



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