The waiting game

The waiting game
March 8, 2013 Logan Stolpe

By Logan Stolpe, Extreme Alaska

Journalism class homework is different than just about any other class. It’s not flexible. Being a reporter, from what I understand of it so far, is running your life around other people’s schedules. This was a problem I ran into on my story with the UAF police.

It was Friday and the Monday deadline was looming. I hadn’t gotten much for interviews and I had no audio. I had already gone to the police station several times to see if anyone was available to talk. Lynne, our editor-in-chief suggested I go back, tell them about deadline, then if that doesn’t work, wait for someone.

I went back and pressed the intercom button in the police station arctic entry. There was only one officer at the station and he was busy monitoring the 911 lines. The other officer had just left and could be gone for hours. “Well I’ll just wait for him” I said.

For about half an hour I read the folded paper pamphlets on crack cocaine and how much I can drink and still be able to drive. The whole time I asked myself how long I would be willing to keep this up.

“Sir, are you still there?” broke the silence in the cell sized entryway. Our officer is on his way back and he said he can talk to you. “Thanks,” I said “I appreciate it.”

Good things come to those who wait.


My view from the courtesy chair in the UAF police station arctic entry.



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