Charles Bradley makes any story better

Charles Bradley makes any story better
March 9, 2013 Sophia Holton

By Annie Bartholomew, Extreme Alaska



Just because your audio’s sequenced,  .mp3 file mixed down, it’s doesn’t mean your story is complete. It’s only 4:30 am with an hour left to go at KSUA where I am producing my story on the upcoming Wood Center remodel.


Somewhere around 1:00 I’m faced with losing steam and calling it quits, or entering the realm of audio editing mania. Fortunately, I am wide awake, splicing the story from two interviews while I write and record a script.


Once the audio is uploaded to our Soundcloud page there’s still a write up, photo editing, and captions finish. Lucky for me, I have the new Daptone Records release, Charles Bradley’s “Victim of Love” to get me through the night.  If you don’t know about Brooklyn soul music, you should learn. Daptone is spinning the most authentic RnB recorded using analog equipment, most out of the seventies.


This week I’ll be seeing Charles at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas with other members of the KSUA radio staff. I can only imagine the look on Charles’ face when he sees me singing  all the words to his new album. But he’ll never know it got me through a night long session crafting my first audio package.


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