CrossOver episode to be filmed throughout Alaska

CrossOver episode to be filmed throughout Alaska
March 22, 2013 Fernanda Chamorro

By Fernanda Chamorro, Extreme Alaska
March 22, 2013

Castles, colony ship crashes, and breathtaking landscapes will all be part of CrossOver, an Alaskan science-fiction/fantasy created by Shawn Weixelman.

Weixelman is currently running a funding campaign in order to raise money for the transportation, food, and other necessities to film the first episode of a series.

CrossOver is an Alaskan independent film based on the graphic novel by Shawn Weixelman. Photo by

CrossOver is an Alaskan independent film based on the graphic novel by Shawn Weixelman. Photo by

The pilot will be filmed mostly in Fairbanks once the fundraiser is complete, with scenes in the UAF Museum of the North and Georgeson Botanical Gardens. The rest of the scenes will be shot in various sites throughout Alaska, from the sand dunes to the mountains to the ice fields filled with glaciers.

The episode offers a look into the history of two civilizations, one always facing the sun.

It all begins with a mentor struggling to explain the reasoning behind the death of a young girl’s parents to her. The storyline continues with two separate civilizations, Dayside and Nightside, which are divided by a border of violent storms. When Kaylea, ruler of a prison population in the Nightside decides to cross over to see the sun, she is sabotaged with a ship crash. Eron, one of three brothers who are heirs to the Dayside throne, revives her. Together they must survive in the borderlands to arrive home despite their knowledge of “an ancient and mysterious species” they may encounter. The episode is comprised of three acts and involves a cliffhanger, ending with a return to the conversation between the girl and her mentor.

This CrossOver carrier launch shows Shawn Weixelman's graphic design. Photo by

This CrossOver carrier launch shows Shawn Weixelman’s graphic design. Photo by

“I’m having an art show Friday April 5th at Keller Architecture and Allied Arts on 1222 Well Street,” stated Weixelman. Cass Zhdanov and he will showcase armor, props, and 5-10 minutes of film.

Weixelman will be on Channel 11’s Fairbanks Focus: Alaska View Sunday at 8 a.m. to talk about his project. He is currently holding a casting call for extras and three male parts: an intelligent young archer, a large crude berzerker, and an imposing villain.

“As everything comes together, I just walk around all day with goosebumps,” said Weixelman. “I think we’ll have some stuff that will really blow your mind, I’m really really excited to show you.”

An article on the project will soon be featured on

For more updates on the project click here or to make a donation click here. Weixelman can be reached via email at

Here is a video of CrossOver cast interviews by Shawn Weixelman:


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