Wickersham Hall leaks steam

Wickersham Hall leaks steam
March 27, 2013 Teri Anderson

By Teri Anderson, Ashleigh Strange, Logan Stolpe, Extreme Alaska

Much of campus was dark as steam spewed from a vent on the back wall of the Wickersham Hall housing complex.  DSC_0115_opt

Student firefighter Lieutenant Steven Bender said the steam leak was caused after a power spike from GVEA surged through the UAF power plant and grid.  “When the power shut off and it came back on it generated a steam leak, everybody was evacuated from the building safely.”

Most of campus lost power following the surge.

This story is still breaking and the Extreme Alaska news team will continue to update it as more information is available. For more information, please visit the UAF Alert page at uafalert.alaska.edu.



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