Wickersham refugees seek place to sleep

Wickersham refugees seek place to sleep
March 27, 2013 Teri Anderson

By Teri Anderson,  Ashleigh Strange and Logan Stolpe, Extreme Alaska

Wickersham Hall lost heat Wednesday March 27 at around 4:30pm,  forcing students to find another place to sleep Wednesday night. Wickersham RAs asked residents to find their own place to sleep if possible and if not, Residence Life would provide one for them.

“Residence Life is going to make sure we accommodate everyone,” said UAF Officer Alan Keeler at 6pm in the Wood Center.

RAs asked Wickersham residents to tell them as soon as possible whether or not they had an alternative sleeping arrangement. The Wood Center will be open for Wickersham residents who have late classes to find appropriate places to spend the night.


Wickersham Hall was evacuated when a steam leak created a fire hazard. All power except heat is back in Wickersham Hall. Tonight residents must sleep elsewhere.

An OIT employee said a UAF power plant outage caused the UAF power plant to switch to GVEA power. GVEA doesn’t normally provide power to the UAF power plant unless UAF’s plant is having trouble. When UAF switched suddenly to GVEA power, it caused a power spike which damaged some UAF power plant equipment and blacked out the entire UAF network. Shortly afterward, OIT successfully restored internet to campus.

Firefighter Lieutenant Steven Bender said the power spike created a steam leak in Wickersham dorm. The leak presented a potential fire hazard so Wickersham was evacuated. Wickersham heat is out for the night but is expected to be back tomorrow. More information is available at uafalert.alaska.edu.



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