Find a partner

Find a partner
March 29, 2013 Logan Stolpe

By Logan Stolpe, Extreme Alaska

Some journalism projects require the buddy system.  I found this out in a big way on my Soundslides project on the White Mountains 100.  For those who haven’t seen a Soundslides, it’s a photo slide show backed up by audio.  And yes this does require the reporter to get the audio and the pictures.

With an event like the White Mountains 100 that was happening the weekend before the project was due it was important for me to get media from the start of the race.  I looked like a bit of a mess with a camera and a Marantz audio kit draped off me, pointing a clown’s nose looking microphone at someone one minute then a camera lens at them the next.  Unfortunately, either my camera is garbage or I’m a bad photographer (I suspect it may be some of both), because few of the shots I took turned out.

If it weren’t for the kindness of people that know how to use a camera properly, I would have had to scrap my Soundslides for just an audio package.  The moral of the story; when covering an event, bring a friend and split up the work.


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