Nenana Ice Classic results updated

Nenana Ice Classic results updated
March 29, 2013 Sophia Holton
Live shot from the ice webcam. Photo credit to Nenana Ice Classic website.

Live shot from the ice webcam. Photo credit to Nenana Ice Classic website.

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — Nenana Ice Classic officials say the Tanana River ice at Nenana is the thinnest it’s been in more than a month.

Officials say the ice was slightly more than 47 inches thick when it was measured Thursday.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner ( ) says that’s the thinnest measurement since Feb. 6 when the ice was measured at 42 inches.

The ice is almost 4 inches thinner than it was on Monday.

Ice Classic manager Cherrie Forness says that doesn’t necessarily mean the ice is shrinking.

Forness says measurements are taken in different spots each time.

People can buy tickets through April 5 to guess the day and time the ice will go out in Nenana.


  1. Joyce DeCarufel 3 years ago

    i totally agree the person that measured the ice last year wasnt playing fair and i also dont think they have a right to guess like that. DO it the way us Alaskans always have GUESS WITHOUT TAKING

  2. ARLAN HAMAN 4 years ago


  3. Jessica 5 years ago

    The winner last year measures the ice, that’s really not fair to the other people that play, if he wants to play and win, play like the rest of us, what a cheater in a lot of people’s eyes. He’s a joke makes people not want to play, if he’s really that good, then get a job that pays u to do that! What a loser!!!!

    Alaskans that respect the odds

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