Preparing for Springfest

Preparing for Springfest
March 29, 2013 Brix Hahn

By Brix Hahn/Extreme Alaska

Theophilus London, a rapper coming to Fairbanks for Springfest.

Theophilus London, a rapper coming to Fairbanks for Springfest.

The snow is melting and the Sun is coming out of its long winter’s slumber, and this can only mean one thing: Springfest is just around the corner. An annual event that welcome’s the summer months, Springfest is set to begin on April 26 and will end on the 28.

This year the kick-off event will be hosted at the Wood Center with a¬†barbecue in the early afternoon and will be followed by a dance-off, an eating contest, mud volleyball and much, much more. Although an official schedule of events had not yet been published, a list of last year’s festivities can be seen at the Springfest website.

Much like Winterfest, Springfest offers an array of events and activities for UAF students to take part in. Focused on summer fun, students are given an extra day off from classes and are encouraged to attend as many events as possible. This year’s schedule includes a concert starring Theophilus London, a rapper from New York, hosted by UAF’s Concert Board.

According to Cody Rogers, an advisor for Concert Board, the concert will be paid for using Concert Board fundings which come out of student fees.

For more information on any of the events call the Wood Center at 474-6029 or email


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