KSUA’s Compilation Dropped Friday Night

KSUA’s Compilation Dropped Friday Night
April 1, 2013 Jon Bracone

The Marlin played host to KUSA’s Local Compilation CD Release Show this past weekend. In front of healthy sized Marlin crowd, the featured bands jammed on stage.

Some of the bands that performed during the evening were: Thought Trade, Young Fangs and Naked Men. With proceeds going towards upcoming Clucking Blossom the vibe was choice.

After waiting a night to let the ear digest the different music; I talked to fellow patron Carey Seward about her recollection of the evening’s event. “I lost my camera and my CD; luckily, they have my camera behind the bar. But the bands were awesome!” Seward went on to say, “I love KSUA and the Young Fangs are my favorite!”

For about 10 bucks it was a digable affair and you potentially walked away with a CD featuring the night’s bands– unless of course you’re Carey Steward—she’s probably more worried about the pictures on her camera. For a look at more photos from the evening visit the KSUA Facebook page.

For more information on KSUA and the Local Compilation album and upcoming Clucking Blossom visit KSUA Radio.



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