Learning or wasting time?

Learning or wasting time?
April 2, 2013 Brix Hahn

By Brix Hahn/Extreme Alaska

Last week I was interested in writing an article on where the funding for KSUA (the on campus radio station) and Concert Board (self explanatory) received their funding for their trip to South by Southwest in Austin, TX. Unfortunately this article went nowhere, no matter how excited I was to write my first true investigative piece of journalism. It turned out that all the funding came from student fees, and the amounts allotted to the trips were reasonable amounts (for example the students stayed at reasonably priced hotels and did NOT spend UAF funding frivolously…like on room service, for example).

I was disappointed that the article didn’t turn out. Of course I’m looking at it as a waste of time, but on the other hand I conducted four interviews with students who attended SXSW as well as one advisor, so that’s all good in the department of gaining journalist skills and experiences. But nevertheless, it would have been an awesome article if funds were being used inappropriately—luckily they weren’t.


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