One weekend can make such a difference

One weekend can make such a difference
April 3, 2013 Fred Monrean, Jr.

Fred Monrean Jr.

On a Friday afternoon with a Monday deadline. The story Fernanda Chamorro and I had been working on was failing to come together, and we were out of ideas.
The boss handed us an idea to interview the actors in a play opening that night, and put together some kind of behind the scenes piece. With no clear thesis in mind we checked a camera and headed over to the theater.
Heading down into the bowels of the art department we found the office of the play’s director Carrie Baker who granted us an interview. The interview lasting about 45 minutes provided us with an overabundance of great sound bites, and permission to interview the play’s four actors after the following night’s performance.
The next evening I was tired, cranky, and did not want to interview anyone let alone an entire cast of a production, but Fernanda dragged me along. We conducted two short and sweet interviews, and began the meticulous process of editing them down.
On Sunday I was granted permission to attend a photo shoot in which members of the cast performed scenes for a few still photographs. It was here I gathered the video’s broll, the actors were great, and their characters were so easy to fall in love with that had a new burst of energy, and a duty to ensure I did the best I could throughout the duration of the editing process.
By my 1 p.m. class on Monday I had a mostly finished video exporting, and by dead line is was coupled with Fernanda’s beautiful written piece.
After one long weekend of hard work the story was up, and it was bed time.


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