GSA hosts drag show at UAF

GSA hosts drag show at UAF
April 6, 2013 Logan Stolpe

By Sam Allen and Logan Stolpe, Extreme Alaska

Euphoria, Isabella Castro, Saphyre and Bruno all took the stage on Friday night at the Wood Center Ballroom.  These performers were part of the Drag Show the UAF Gay-Straight-Alliance put on.

“It’s the closest to zen I get,” said Amanda Meyer, stage name Hunter McFly. Meyer, who is getting a Ph.D. in natural resources and sustainability, said she has been doing drag for about 2 and a half years.  She’s done drag shows at the Blue Loon before and had people throwing handfuls of money at her.  Bon Jovi, Prince, and Kenny Loggins are a few personalities that she has put on for a crowd.  On stage Friday she dressed as Macklemore to perform the hit song “Thrift Shop”.  She said that she doesn’t get nervous for shows because she’s in the moment, “sometimes I don’t remember because I’m just there.”

The Gay Straight Alliance accepted donations at the drag show with some of the proceeds going to the Interior Aids Association.

For more information on the Interior Aids Association visit their website. Or find out what’s happening with the UAF Gay Straight Alliance on their Facebook page.


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