Working with Matt

Working with Matt
April 14, 2013 Brix Hahn

For this rotation of Extreme Alaska, Matt Puttman and I have teamed up and are in line to complete a number of projects together. First and foremost, we recently conducted a video interview with Emerson Eads, a graduate student studying vocal performance at UAF.

Emerson Eads, a graduate student at UAF.

Emerson Eads, a graduate student at UAF.

He’s from the Alaska community of Whitestone, a sort of religious enclave near Delta (that could probably be a full length documentary in itself). Eads attended UAF to persure his undergraduate degree in music and quickly became a staple in the Fairbanks arts and cultures community, but more on that later.

…Back to the projects Matt and I are doing.

So far we’ve filmed Eads’ interview and I have a few songs he composed, now it’s all of me to edit and upload the video to Extreme AK. Following the filming we attended Jazz Fest and while I talked to participants and organizers Matt took photos– he also gathered his own information from his “models.” Matt is in charge of editing and posting that piece in a sound slide format, he’s a trooper.

and we’re planning to ride along with a police officer in hopes of learning the process by which stolen personal goods (such as a cell phone) are found and returned to its owner, and how charges are brought against the accused.

It’s going to be a busy three weeks, but Matt and I are totally up for the challenge!

That it for now, Extreme Blog.

I’ll check in later.



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