Candlelight Vigil Honors Boston Victims

Candlelight Vigil Honors Boston Victims
April 15, 2013 Sam Allen
UAF students help light each others' candles at the 9 p.m. vigil for the Boston bombings

UAF students help light each others’ candles at the 9 p.m. vigil for the Boston bombing victims.

Almost thirty students gathered together near Constitution Park for a candlelight vigil in response to bombings in downtown Boston earlier today. Students stuck candles through the bottom of waxed-paper cups to prevent the wind from putting out their flames. UAF student and Alpha Phi Omega (APO) member, Jesse Manchester began the vigil by reiterating what happened and expressing his thankfulness for those who had survived. Addressing the crowd Manchester said, “We’ve had a rough past ten years with the all the attacks and shootings, but it’s things like this, coming together and showing our love for one another that make a difference.”

UAF students Lauren Bradley and Ashley Crowe put together this impromptu event to honor the loved ones that were lost and ones who are still fighting for their lives.

People huddled and shared their thoughts on the explosions. There were many moments of silence, which were filled with the sound of graters digging up the East Bunnell Parking lot.

UAF student Freddy Grant said, “One of the most inspiring stories I heard was on Sport’s Illustrated about runners finishing the marathon and continuing to run to the nearest hospital to donate blood.”

Manchester, who expressed interest in running the “Fun Run” at SpringFest in memory of those who were affected by the bombings, ended the event with a prayer circle for all those who wanted to participate.


Sam Allen, Extreme Alaska



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