SpringFest Film Festival is fast approaching

SpringFest Film Festival is fast approaching
April 16, 2013 Fernanda Chamorro

By Fernanda Chamorro

April 16, 2013UAF Film

If audience members have ever watched a three-hour long movie, they have probably wished it was shorter. Did they ever imagine 10 seconds short though? Well, the UAF Film Club sure did.

The UAF Film Club will be hosting the SpringFest Film Festival next Thursday, April 25. Film Club organizes this student film festival every year. The UAF Film Festival is “a way to showcase films made in Alaska and/or by Alaskans as well as films pertaining to the North and the Arctic,” according to the UAF Film Club.

This year, there will be two categories. One competition will be for 10-second films and the other competition will be for short films ranging from 11 seconds to 20 minutes. There will be cash prizes for both categories that will be determined by an audience vote.

“Months of planning have gone into this event,” stated Aaron Gordon, the UAF Film Club President. “I have collected some awesome films and I have tons of door prizes to give away. All I need now is for the theater to be filled with people I can share it all with.”

This film festival will show documentaries, zombie thrillers, music videos, and trailers for upcoming feature films. There will be free popcorn and tons of door prizes that will be given away.

Brennan Manes, the KSUA Programming Manager, submitted a video on behalf of KSUA. “It’s to get more awareness of KSUA,” he said. “To show what we’ve been up to lately and to show students that their money’s not going to waste.” He submitted footage of KSUA’s latest Take Out Session with performances by Emma Hill, a singer and songwriter born in Alaska who recently released her new album The Black and Wretched Blue, and her music partner Oregon pedal steel player Bryan Daste.

The festival starts at 8 p.m. in the Lee H. Salisbury Theatre and admission will be $5 at the door. The UAF Department of Theatre & Film is excited to support this event, as well.

Submissions were due April 12 and the videos were uploaded onto Youtube. Film submitters did not have to be students, though UAF student films were given priority. All genres of films were considered. Last year’s festival included 15 films from animations, documentaries, and mockumentaries to drama and experimental pieces.

“I look forward to seeing the new great content that our local filmmakers have produced,” said Manes.

Gordon is working away to get the films together for the festival. About 15 films were submitted this year. According to Gordon, people can get more information and live updates by visiting the UAF Film Club’s Facebook page.

For those who may have questions, Gordon can be reached at aaron_gordon_147@hotmail.com.

Below is a 2011 film project of the UAF Film Club, “Escaping the Snow”, written by Andrew Adlesperger and directed by Caleb Souder.


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