Candidates pass out root beer floats

Candidates pass out root beer floats
April 17, 2013 Sam Allen
From left: ASUAF members Ayla O' Scannell and Bekah Schmdit.

From left: ASUAF members Ayla O’ Scannell and Bekah Schmdit.

UAF student and ASUAF (Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks) presidential candidate Ayla O’ Scannell was passing out free root beer floats at the Wood Center this afternoon. She estimated she helped serve nearly 100 root beer floats in under an hour. Ayla’s vice-presidential running mate, Mickey Zakurdaew, said, “A lot of people didn’t even know there were student elections tomorrow.”

UAF student Calvin Bell, stood nearby the booth drinking his free root beer float saying, “I like root beer floats,” adding, “I usually just vote for who I know.”

Also helping serve floats were Bekah Schmidt and Public Relations Director of ASUAF, Fred Brown.

“All the candidates are really passionate.” Ayla said referring to Dillon Ball and his vice-presidential running mate, Michael Mancill.

Dillon Ball, current Vice-President, said about Ayla, “She was a very quick learner when taking over the Senate Chair position and really hit the ground running.”

Dillon wants a stronger student voice in ASUAF.

No form of promotion can occur during the elections so candidates have to take down all their flyers and Facebook pages before April 18, 2013.

UAF student elections are Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 8p.m.



by Sam Allen, Extreme Alaska


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