Can’t fix broken news

Can’t fix broken news
April 17, 2013 Teri Anderson

Luck was a lady last week when a fire alarm went off in the Wood Center precisely when I needed it to.

All of us at Extreme Alaska keep our eyes open for breaking news stories. One difficulty in breaking news is that you have to happen upon it and still be prepared to cover the story with whatever medium suits the story best. In the case of a fire alarm, the best medium is video.

It happened that I just finished using the big fancy journalism department video camera and tripod to interview two Wood Center employees when the alarm sounded. I calmly headed outside with the rest of the Wood Center’s occupants, enjoying the commotion and looking around outside when Ashleigh Strange dashed up to me.

“Teri! What are you doing? It’s breaking news!”

Her camera was already out.

Oh, right! I dumped out the video gear and scrambled around filming people and firefighters and interviewing a group huddled outside the pub.


A group waits outside the pub after being kicked out for the fire alarm.

I had a breaking news story! The stars aligned perfectly so that I covered a neat little story in the perfect medium. The only thing left to do was edit together the video and post it to Extreme Alaska.

Then my own personal breaking news happened. I had meetings, homework, work and stuff to do. Before you could yell “fire,” 24 hours passed since the event- the official expiration date that turns news from breaking to broken.

My only course of action now is to go ahead and edit the video and post it under regular news. I’ll find another breaking news story elsewhere and tote around a video camera, tripod, microphone and sound equipment until then.






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