Trash to treasure

Trash to treasure
April 18, 2013 Logan Stolpe

By Logan Stolpe, Extreme Alaska

It’s all trash…well not all of it.  The UAF Office of Sustainability is hosting an art show, on display right now in the Wood Center.  Students incorporated what would normally be thought of as garbage, to create aesthetic and practical art.

Jess Morris, a biological science major and art minor said that she was skeptical about making art with used materials when her art teacher told her to make a piece for the show. “I was adamant about not doing it because I

In creating her piece, "Crushed Consumtion", Jess Morris realized how many energy drinks students go through.

In creating her piece, “Crushed Consumtion”, Jess Morris realized how many energy drinks students go through.

did not think you could work with — essentially garbage.”  That was two years ago and now Morris said that when she does sculpture she prefers working with found objects.

One of her pieces, “Crushed Consumption” stands front and center in the cluster of art at the show.  For the piece she spent about a week grabbing empty aluminum cans from bins in the Gruening building.  “It’s definitely an opportunity for art students to take something you normally wouldn’t work with and try and create something interesting out of it,” said Morris.

The show has judges as well as a voting box for the people’s choice award.  Beverly O’Donnell with the sustainability office is one of the judges.  She said that she hopes the art shows people something that they had never thought about before.  “It’s about seeing the world differently than we’re programed to.”


The UAF Office of Sustainability puts on an art show every semester.


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