Hello from the Alaska Press Club Conference

Hello from the Alaska Press Club Conference
April 19, 2013 Fernanda Chamorro

By Fernanda Chamorro
April 19, 2013

Me caught in the middle of eating my pretzel bite.

Me caught in the middle of eating my pretzel bite.

The warm jacuzzi probably infested with bacteria, the scrumptious chain restaurant food, and beautiful mountains that could release an avalanche at any minute. Okay, I’m kidding. Who thinks about all the downsides when they are living the life? I am just trying to make you Fairbankers a little less jealous. I am in heaven, or at least for the next three days as I am in Anchorage :). I love this place as you can tell.

What is even cooler is I am here reporting and taking notes from some of the top professionals in the journalism world. This week is the 2013 Alaska Press Club Conference. A bunch of very interesting folks are here from director/producer Bernardo Ruiz, whose documentary Reportero aired on PBS in January to Robert Smith from NPR’s Planet Money to Anne Friedman, a New York magazine columnist and The Columbia Journalism Review reporter and many more!

Yesterday was an amazing day as it was radio day, which is probably my favorite form of media so far. We got to work one on one with Gabriel Spitzer from KPLU in Seattle and he taught us how to improve on our radio delivery. It was interesting to see how different people sound once they have taken some tips and practiced. He was showing us how different we sound when we read compared to when we speak to people. The goal is to speak to your radio audience as if they are your friends and you are telling them a story.

Spitzer spoke about the four important components of radio talk: pitch, rhythm, volume, and pauses. He then told us one of his biggest tips on how to arrange a written copy for radio to make our voice sound more exciting. “When the contrast word comes, that’s when you punch it up,” he said. “You basically draw a line on almost all of it and up means emphasize, down means de-emphasize. You do that through your whole copy.”

Now, I must leave you my friends as I want to catch the next session by Ann Friedman. She will be giving a lecture on how we can market ourselves as journalists. I leave you with some hat pictures for your own amusement.

Peace! 🙂



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