Still waiting for North Korea action

Still waiting for North Korea action
April 22, 2013 Kurtis

By Kurtis Gosney, Extreme Alaska

For about two weeks now, there have been reports from many news outlets across the country that North Korea was threatening to launch a nuclear missile test and that it could not “guarantee the safety” of the countries and embassies that were near the Korean Peninsula. The reports were saying that a launch would happen as early as that Wednesday and maybe into the weekend. Well, it’s been two weeks since those initial reports and The North still hasn’t followed through on anything they are saying and the more time goes by the less I buy anything they say.

The key factor in all this madness has been China and how they felt about Pyongyang’s rhetoric toward the United States and its other enemies. China and North Korea have been close allies since the 1950’s and the Korean War and today, according to BBC, China accounts for about 70 percent of North Korea’s trade.

The big moment of this saga so far has to be the agreement between the U.S. and China to work together to deal with North Korea. One can only suspect that the reason that The North still hasn’t carried out a nuclear test is that they know how important China is to their success and could cut off their supply. It’s only a theory though.


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