Free concert: The Northern Lights String Orchestra

Free concert: The Northern Lights String Orchestra
April 23, 2013 Fred Monrean, Jr.

Tomorrow, Wednesday April, 27th at 7 p.m. the Northern Lights String Orchestra will be preforming their Spring concert in the Charles Davis Concert Hall.

“We played at the Jazz Festival so we had two concerts this particular semester,” Said Dr. Kathleen Butler-Hopkins the music director for the orchestra, while explaining that usually the orchestra preforms once a semester.

The Northern Lights String Orchestra which is made up of music students as well as people from around town, is a class offered through the university music department (MUSCI 117)and is taught by Dr. Butler-Hopkins. “Some people who play are not taking it for credit, but it is offered for a class.”

A few students from a conducting class will step in for a few pieces. “It’s to give them a chance to have an orchestra to practice with a little bit,” Dr. Butler-Hopkins explained. “You can take a conducting course but there is no substitute for conducting an orchestra and using those skills you learn in your class.”

Students from a string class who according to Dr. Butler-Hopkins have only been playing on their instruments since Spring break will be joining the orchestra for one piece. “it is a big thing for them to play in an orchestra.”

The hour long concert will be open to the general public, and will cost nothing to attend. Mark your calendars.


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