I am grateful for these blogs

I am grateful for these blogs
April 25, 2013 Fernanda Chamorro

By Fernanda Chamorro, Extreme AlaskaMy new beginning :)

These last few weeks have been crazy as I try to turn in everything in order to pass my classes so that I can finally graduate, but out of all the work I do I have noticed I really don’t have much of a voice.

In my job and in school, I get to write articles or make reports, but rarely do readers hear about what goes on backstage in a reporter’s life. We spend hours writing or recording and sometimes even recieve complaints. That is of course with anything, but rarely will you see a reporter in the spotlight which is funny. I think it is nice being able to write an opinion piece! I really enjoy it 🙂 and when I can, I like being able to make you all laugh. It is fun being able to connect with my readers on a more personal level especially knowing that if I mess up on something, you know who I am.

I am pretty nervous right now to be honest! I have most of my finals next week and I am trying to find a subject for my next Extreme Alaska post. I also have a photo show coming up which I have to have done by next Thursday. It is a crazy amount of work, but it is my last push before graduationnnnn! 😀

There are so many things going on in my life, but I am so grateful for so many new beginnings. I finally got my braces off yesterday after two years with them. Many, many new beginnings and THIS is only the beginning :). No matter what, keep your head up!


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