I feel like a zombie

I feel like a zombie
April 25, 2013 Fred Monrean, Jr.

The busiest week of the semester has come and gone for me.

Imagine jogging around campus with a tripod, a video camera, and a boom mic… chasing zombies.

Two weeks ago today I went to a two and a half hour class, conducted six interviews, all while jogging around. The next few days I watched every interview, and transcribed one I audio recorded for Roaring for snow leopard, cut up all my broll (the shots that go over the interviewees talking). Did as much of my other class work as possible while editing the hours of material I had into a five and a half documentary to make dead line the following Wednesday, Thursday (a week ago today) I began to play catch up for all my other classes. This morning I woke up at 6:30 to finish the last of what I needed to do to catch up in the last class I was behind in.


“Knoxville Zombies” by o lee a


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