UAF auditions for new ‘Heart of Glass’ film

UAF auditions for new ‘Heart of Glass’ film
April 26, 2013 Fernanda Chamorro

By Fernanda Chamorro, Extreme Alaska
April 26, 2013Heart of Glass

Jamie Quinn, a female private investigator, must infiltrate a society run by a figure with the likes of Gatsby in order to solve a murder case. Deep down she struggles to keep a secret hidden from everyone.

The black-and-white drama film “Heart of Glass” is an upcoming JimiJam production that is so secretive that one will have to watch in order to know whether the secret will even be revealed or not. Director and writer James Martinez has partnered up with producer Brennan Manes in order to create this neo-noir murder mystery that takes place in a modern setting.

This is Martinez’s third feature-length film and it is currently in pre-production. There will be a casting call in the University of Alaska Fairbanks Great Hall Green Room downstairs tomorrow, April 27, at 1 p.m. Auditioners are encouraged to bring a resume and headshots.

Manes also spoke about needing more crew for the film at the KSUA meeting held on April 25. “We need as many people for crew as we can get,” said Manes.

The crew hopes to begin shooting the night scenes next week in the early morning while there is still plenty of darkness outside. The rest of the film will be shot mid-July through mid-August this year.

“I feel very, very confident about the auditions and the filming of this project,” said Martinez. “We have a brilliant crew all set and ready to go. I’m very excited about this whole thing. I’m glad I have a producer who put this whole thing together.”

For more information visit the “Heart of Glass” blog, call 301-848-1541 or 907-474-5668, or send an email to


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