Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra licks Beethoven’s 9th

Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra licks Beethoven’s 9th
April 28, 2013 Jon Bracone

This evening I attended the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra’s 9th Symphony by Beethoven. The symphony which consisted of over 80 members including a chorus performed Friday and Sunday night at the Charles Davis Concert Hall.

I had never been to a symphony before and I cannot lie; I had a great time. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a black-tie affair or if Carhartts were cool. It was a casual gathering, so much so, the gentleman sitting next to me read a book during the actual performance.

Conductor Eduard Zilberkant started the evening with a dedication to Charles Davis II’s last performance with the symphony. Davis and his wife will be moving to Montana, thus marking an illustrious career in Fairbanks. Zilberkant directed us through a powerful four-movement journey that left the audience giving a 10 minute standing ovation.

“There was an orchestra, choir and some opera singers, they pulled out all the stops!” said Nick Sass after the performance. It was rather awe-inspiring to finally hear the choir light up the fourth movement; especially, considering they sat behind the orchestra nearly motionless for 45 minutes. If that wasn’t gripping enough, the deep rich baritone of Leon Williams took the entire experience to another level.

I always find it amazing when a group of like-minded people come together to create something. As far as I am concerned that is the true essence of being human — to create — nothing is more rewarding. Tonight was no different, a person couldn’t help but feel graced to be in the presence of a group of people who were (re)creating something so special.




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