She said we were like Mike Shultz

She said we were like Mike Shultz
April 29, 2013 Teri Anderson

Anderson and Strange. Photo courtesy of Heather Hopkins

If only the class could see us now.

Ashleigh Strange and I looked a sorry sight as we bikedĀ up the steep hill to campus with a load of camera gear precariously slung across our backs. It’s nearly impossible to bike with a tripod swinging between your shoulders and a camera kit getting caught up in the pedals. We struggled through the snow with slippery tires and sore seats to get home in time to edit. But none of that mattered. Our interviewee said we were like Mike Shultz.

Conducting an interview in the library last week, Ashleigh and I worked as a seamless team setting up the camera and sound equipment. It was a fast job because we both had class and work but instead of feeling rushed, the introductions and setup felt efficient and professional. I operated the camera while Ashleigh conducted the interview. The interview lasted fewer than five minutes before we got all the material we needed and packed up.

“Wow, that was fast!” said our interviewee, Michele Hebert,”you guys are just like Mike Schultz.”

That compliment was enough to send Ashleigh and I straight on our way to edit. “Now we have to live up to the reputation of Mike Schultz!,” we reminded ourselves as we awkwardly biked off into the sunset.



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