The winter needs to leave

The winter needs to leave
April 30, 2013 Sophia Holton
The Gruening Building on this snowy day in Alaska.

The Gruening Building on this snowy day in Alaska.

By: Sophia Holton, Extreme Alaska

Today, Jon Bracone and myself went to cover the URSA Research Day. It was at the Wood Center on the UAF campus. The atmosphere was great and we got some awesome interviews.

The only problem we ran into was the lighting. When taking photos or video, lighting is very important. In the Wood Center during the day, almost all the light is natural and comes through the multiple windows. Since Alaska thinks that it is still winter and it continues to snow, the sky is gloomy and full of clouds. This limits the amount of light going into the Wood Center, especially today.

As you can see, this was a problem. Also with the type of story we were covering, it was almost impossible to use a lighting kit. The lighting kits are the size of a large suitcase. Imagine carrying that a crossed campus while its snowing and the ground is covered with slush.

All in all, the Alaska winter needs to stop lingering around and should leave. It is impacting the quality of my story and I don’t appreciate it. Winter, please give this Floridian a break!



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