In a hurry? Slow down

In a hurry? Slow down
May 1, 2013 Fred Monrean, Jr.

Several weeks ago I hammered out tow time consuming stories in a just a few days, and although I feel as though fast paced, on me feet running from one project to the next focus me, I lost something along the way.

Sharing two memory cards between three cameras is tempting fate, and should never be attempted. I lost four images, I know right four images what’s the big deal, well visual media is my best mode of communication. My ability to write “Roaring of snow leopards” was hindered by the lack these few frames. My ability to express the passion an individual has for large cats a world away was suppressed by an adrenaline crazed file transfer and card format.

In as far as the world is concerned this is an immeasurably small mistake, and I glad that it happened here in the school yard training grounds instead of out where it could have turned into a real tragedy.

I will buy a few more memory cards, and recommend that you all do the same.IMG_20130501_110005 resized


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