The lusty month of May [News Blog]

The lusty month of May [News Blog]
May 1, 2013 Ashleigh Strange

With 2 news classes, it seems like I’m constantly disseminating news.  By now it should be simple. Get an interview, collect the facts and tell a compelling story. Working in a team with Teri has been fantastic and we’ve put up some quality work of which we’re both quite proud.

This week, I had some trouble getting a hold of a source for what was supposed to be a cut-and-dry story, a shoe-in, a hum-dinger (or something). I already had the information that the source would provide, I just needed her to say it on camera.


I did not take my first rejection well and thought of  ways to change my story.  Luckily, I was able to come up with a solution and convince the source to do the interview, but she only had time after the assignment was due.

Rolling with the punches, I collected all the other B-roll with my trusty right hand, Teri, and it turned out great! There was one brief moment where we thought we would lose the camera in the river while getting footage but all was well and no damage occurred.

Teri and Ashleigh getting footage of a power plant on a steep riverbank.

Teri and Ashleigh getting footage of a power plant on a steep riverbank.

I plan to edit the video together sans interview and then turn it in again with my reluctant source.

In order to cheer ourselves up on a snowy day in May, Teri and I put on a short musical number while we were downtown getting footage.  Because being a journalist is fun! Happy May Day!


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