Just some happy news…

Just some happy news…
May 3, 2013 Brix Hahn

From the minds of Brix Hahn and Matt Putman/ Extreme Blog


Matt and Paris Hilton happy as clams at Coachella 2013

This week Matt and I decided to cover UAF Compliments, a newly established Facebook page that allows users to post anonymous comments/compliments/good thoughts through a Google forum. We really liked the idea of covering this because it’s so rare to find happy topics in the news. I actually remember reading some statistics when I was younger, it went something like: those who watch the news for ten minutes everyday are significantly more likely to suffer from depression than those who do not watch the news. Obviously A LOT of factors play into depression and I’m positive there’s no way that ten minutes of the news could possibly have that much influence over a person’s life, but it still made me think. Journalism is all about getting the news out, but most people don’t want to read about who won the world’s most difficult spelling bee, they want to know about the kid who tried to cheat his way into the competition. That’s just an exaggerated example.


Brix and hey boyfriend Sean Wyman at the Alpha Phi Omega greek spring formal 2013…so cute, so happy.

This kind of relates to the theory/urban myth that a coworker will remember the one time you messed up at your job and not the dozens of evenings you worked late to get a project accomplished on deadline or every Friday when you bring doughnuts into the office for everyone. Anyways, this all relates back to UAF Compliments for one simple reason, it’s happy news. It’s an uplifting article and that’s what we believe more people should be focusing on in life. Being happy. In fact, there’s an awesome website dedicated to nothing but happy news. It’s cleverly called “Happy News.”


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