Speaking with Senator Murkowski

Speaking with Senator Murkowski
May 3, 2013 Brix Hahn

Me, Senator Murkowski, and my good friend Daniel Leahy.

I’m registered as undecided when voting in my state as well as nationally. I look for the person, not the party, and it’s my belief that Senator Murkowski is the perfect senator to serve Alaska. I actually interned for her during the summer of 2010 as a graduate right out of high school, so seeing her again today was so much fun–she’s the type of person who KNOWS and actually remembers the people she meets. She walked right up to me after her lecture and said “I recognize you,” in a┬áhumorous┬ávoice and we began chatting like old friends.

She’s extremely personable. She’s extremely Alaskan.

My experience working with her and interviewing her today was nothing but positive and rewarding. Here’s a little picture of me in Washington D.C. when I was 17 during the internship and another from just today (I’m nearly 20).


Summer interns for Senator Lisa Murkowski 2010, session II (I’m third in from the right.)



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