Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival
April 9, 2014 Karen Stern

Want to make it through the zombie apocalypse?  Follow some of these guidelines from Max Brooks’ book, The Zombie Survival Guide and sources throughout the Internet.

1. Organize before they rise!  Don’t wait for the zombies to come knocking down your door; follow the Boy Scout motto and be prepared.

2. Hospitals are no place for zombie survivalists.  This seems to be a recurring theme.  Not only are hospitals full of medicines and medical experts, but they are also filled with dead bodies waiting to be reanimated.

3.  Weapons are a must.  What weapon is best is up to the person fighting off the zombies at the time.  Keep in mind guns and explosives can draw a zombie horde to one’s location, while blades mean a person has to get up close and personal with a zombie taking their chances of being bitten and turning into a zombie themselves.

4. Keep quiet.  If they can’t hear you, they’ll ignore you.  Though they do have a good sense of smell,  if you avoid bathing you should be fine.

5. Go up instead of down.  Once you’re up, destroy any means of getting up to you.  Having a ladder would be a benefit so you can come and go as you please.

6. Where you live is important to your survival as well.  If you’ll notice the map below, you’ll see here in Alaska, we should be fine. Why is that? Cold will slow down the zombies and since our winters are long, they’ll be kept at bay for a time.

Best and worst places to survive the zombie apocalypse

With these things in mind, good luck to those of you attempting to survive the zombie horde.  Keep moving and you just might survive!


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