Dark Winter Nights: A Storytelling Event

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  1. Karen Stern 4 years ago

    Dark Winter Nights was an excellent event!
    I knew I wanted to attend, but when Saturday night arrived I debated staying home and kicking back around the house. Instead I decided I needed to go and I am so glad I did.
    The story that made me laugh the most was Fishing for Chickens, I don’t think anyone in the audience could stop laughing.
    The final story by Guy Schroder was heavy; his tale of loss and a struggle for survival, but the words said by his wife were more powerful than any I had heard that night, “He is haunted by their screams.”
    I loved how Thought Trade played during the stories.
    It was a great night and I really appreciate Rob Prince putting it together.
    I look forward to this becoming a radio program and anticipate the return of this program next year.

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