Les Mis for would be gatecrashers

Les Mis for would be gatecrashers
December 9, 2014 Ruby Walden

Sunday afternoon in the middle of the Great Hall was an anxious crowd waiting to purchase tickets for tonight’s showing of Les Miserables. Or so we thought. On the 12 of October crowds of people stood where UAF’s Salisbury Theatre to see the musical.

FLOT's poster for their 2014 production of "Les Miserables".

FLOT’s poster for the 2014 production of “Les Miserables”.

“Attention everybody!” yelled a box office attendant. “As of right now we have completely sold out. There may be five tickets that come available at most, but for right now this is where we stand.”

Silence met incredulity with these words, as the line of people out the door realized they no longer had plans this Sunday afternoon. Some people left when they realized they weren’t going to see the show, most continued to wait in the unmoving line at the box office, hopeful they could still purchase tickets. Half an hour before curtain, the hall was split, an excited line of people ready to take their seats, and a near silent line in front of the box office, nervously waiting to for those possible five tickets.

The final weekend of Fairbanks Light Orchestra Theater’s presentation of Les Mis sold out, filling all 430 seats of the Salisbury Theatre. All three performances had people being turned away, much to the dismay of patrons.

Theresa Vick, for instance, teaches English as a second language at West Valley High School and had to give up her seats in order to make sure 10 of her international students could get in. Having purchased six tickets and hoping to buy the other four at the box office some of her personal tickets had to be moved in order to ensure ten seats. Theresa remarked that she’s very meticulous about details and making sure a plan goes smoothly. She was shocked that the show was sold out.

The Fairbanks Light Orchestra Theatre is also a popular local organization, which has been producing well-known musicals in Fairbanks since 1970. Currently in its 44th season, FLOTs has produced and directed shows such as The King and I, My Fair Lady and more recently RENT, with Les Miserables premiering this season along with Shrek: The Musical.


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