The digital powerhouse… in the the palm of your hand

The digital powerhouse… in the the palm of your hand
February 23, 2015 David Spindler

A lot of the digital tools like Spot.Us., Kickstarter, Beacon, and Ushahidi really do hold exciting possibilities for digital age journalism.  The one I find most interesting is “Mobile Active,” a group, or movement, promoting smartphones for social change.  It is a global community of people and organizations, including professional and citizen journalists, who use mobile phones covering about anything that has an impact on human life such as health, economics, accountability, etc. All in the palm of your hand, mobile phones journalists use for tweeting will tweet about a town hall meeting, campaign, sports event, entertainment, or fundraising simply by jotting down quick notes.

mel5After some quick researching I came across a multimedia journalist named Melissa Ulbricht who used Mobile Active’s YouTube platform for circulating her stories. She produces a weekly international radio program called Global Journalist where her reporting  focus on the international communication and issues of press freedom. One example, Ulbricht used Mobile Active distributing a story on Harnessing Off-Grid Power from Mobile Networks. She reported how Lighting Africa, a company that catalyzes development of affordable off-grid lighting products for Sub-Saharan Africa, partnered with a development fund to supplement electricity in the region with power from mobile stations. GSMA_logoThe end result was a project called Community Power from Mobile (CPM) initiative, which helps encourage mobile network operators and radio tower-sharing companies to share their excess power with off-grid communities so that schools, clinics, and anything mobile that needs charging, can power up.

David Spindler
A runner, skier, and biker, David Spindler is a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in film. He has a passion for photography and creative writing. David brings a variety of skills to Extreme including video, photo, and writing. The kind of reporting he likes to write about is entertainment, story features, and current events. While not hard at work, David is continuing to improve on his running distance. He has run both the Midnight Sun Run and the Equinox Marathon twice so far.


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