Heed the rule: pick a social platform that suits story

Heed the rule: pick a social platform that suits story
March 2, 2015 David Spindler

Meredith Artley’s five rules for modern journalists really spoke to me.

I agree with all five, of the CNN Digital editor’s rules.  I’ll admit, I have glimpsed the importance of all five this semester writing news stories for the Sun Star, our campus newspaper. I think I need to spend more time on the rule the calls for picking a social platform that suits my story and I.

As we all know, there are tons of online social media platforms and sometimes its hard to choose which one to employ keeping the audience engaged on current events.

What Artley says about social media platforms and journalism is also true: “certain stories lend themselves to certain platforms.” reddit-logo2

I have to say Nick Paton Walsh’s social media platform using Reddit really did help explain on better terms what it was like for him to experience covering the fight between Kurdish forces and ISIS militants. I think using a social media platform like Reddit really keeps an engaged audience because there’s always going to be something new to read about a place where there is a major crisis at hand.

In a way it’s almost like having a regular chat with a friend about some subject on Facebook.

twittertwitterTwitter, on the other hand, would have been tricky to use for a story like Walsh’s. Twitter only allows a minimum of 16 characters which is very little in order to describe someone’s experience.

icon175x175With Tumblr, I’d say its about almost as close to Reddit but not quite. Tumblr is more of a microblogging platform with users using its social network for short-form blogging. I figure if Walsh wanted to go in this direction he would have if he wanted to turn his lifetime experience into some kind of blogging platform like a diary.

David Spindler
A runner, skier, and biker, David Spindler is a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in film. He has a passion for photography and creative writing. David brings a variety of skills to Extreme including video, photo, and writing. The kind of reporting he likes to write about is entertainment, story features, and current events. While not hard at work, David is continuing to improve on his running distance. He has run both the Midnight Sun Run and the Equinox Marathon twice so far.


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