Checkpoint Nenana, swift dogs, sharp breeze

Checkpoint Nenana, swift dogs, sharp breeze
March 9, 2015 Kelly Logue

First report: Iditarod Nenana claims it was about 5 above zero Monday afternoon in Nenana, where about two-thirds of Iditarod’s 78-team field elected to linger. Dogs sprawled on clumps of straw spread by parka-clad drivers lingering in this first real checkpoint on the 1,000-mile trail.

A steady breeze of 6-8 miles per hour left our trail reporter Kelly Logue sounding as if she wouldn’t mind real fur.

Kelly Logue
I am 22-years-old and a Broadcast Journalism major with a minor in Justice. I am also on the women's basketball team for UAF and will be graduating spring 2015.

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  1. Karen Simmons 3 years ago

    Nice video, Kelly. You really capture the freezing scene of the Nenena checkpoint! It’s an interesting town teeming with characters. As a reporter, the community was surprisingly welcoming, which made for a fun experience. Seeing all the mushers and their families gathered at the Nenena Tribal Hall gave us a deeper perspective of the Iditarod than the lively starting line scene earlier that day. It makes me wish Extreme was investigating more checkpoints along of the race.

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