End of the Iron Dog Trail… finally!

End of the Iron Dog Trail… finally!
April 7, 2015 Steve Hormann

With a light snowfall the top finishers of the 2015 Iron Dog snow machine raced across the vastness wilderness of Alaska to the finish line waiting on the Chena River ice  in Fairbanks.


The 2015 Iron Dog “pro class” trail spanned roughly 2,030 miles, largely traversing Alaska wilderness.

The journey of these pro-class racers had begun 2,000-miles and roughly 7 days earlier with the Iron Dog’s ceremonial start Feb. 21 in Anchorage. All told nearly 100 teams took part in 2015’s event, marking the Iron Dog’s 32nd year. Each team was comprised of a pair of machines and riders. They took off over a two-days in staggered waves, organized by classes reflecting degrees of competition. This year’s route took them all northwest to Nome, where the racers doubled back and followed the Yukon River swinging past Nenana through North Pole before dashing for finish line waiting in Fairbanks.

The race finish was just a part of snowmachine-related festivities happening that weekend in downtown Fairbanks. Along with the Pro Class finishing the Iron Dog, local vintage and antique snow machine collectors were participating in their own events on the river.

View the action and hear the cheers greeting the first three teams crossing this year’s Iron Dog finish line:  Scott Faeo and Eric Quam in first place, Aaron Bartels and Scott Davis for second, closely trailed by Allen Hill and Marc McKenna for third.

Steve Hormann
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