The sober side of case day

The sober side of case day
April 14, 2015 Karen Simmons

If you’ve attended UAF during the spring semester before, you’ve likely heard about Springfest, or Case Day as it’s more commonly known. It’s a day the university has granted students for over 60 years. It was originally intended as a way to catch up on homework, but most students seize the opportunity and do – pretty much the opposite of studying – partying. In recent years, the idea of case day is to drink an entire case of beer by yourself. Those who partake in Case Day often keep track of their consumption with utmost responsibility as they work toward a goal of 24 beers. Emptied beer cans are stacked up and taped together making a “wizard’s staff,” a reliable light-weight weapon to fend off the pink elephants case day tends to attract.

Mouthpiece and card for breathalyzer test

A registration card and breathalyzer mouthpiece is given to each Lottanobooza participant.


Alcohol may be a significant theme during Springfest, but there are other ways to celebrate Case Day without taking part in its beer-based traditions. Student Activities started the tradition of Lottanobooza as a way to entertain students under 21, and students of legal drinking age who choose not to consume alcohol. During this 24-hour event, Lottanobooza participants must report to Hess Rec and take breathalyzer tests every three hours to prove their dedication to Springfest sobriety. If they pass the blood alcohol test they’re entered in door prizes drawn at the end of festivities. So far, Student Activities have not announced when, or if Lottanobooza will take place during Springfest this year. Traditionally, it’s hosted at Hess Rec on the Saturday of Springfest.

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