Chancellor Rogers to retire in August

Chancellor Rogers to retire in August
April 16, 2015 Karen Simmons
Chancelor Rogers stress

In a letter emailed to UAF faculty Friday, Chancellor Brian Rogers withdrew his candidacy for UA president and abruptly announced plans to retire August 2015


In an email sent to faculty and staff this afternoon, Chancellor Brian Rogers announces plans to retire by the end of August 2015.

“A combination of factors led me to this conclusion. This winter and spring have been seasons of high stress for me. Failures at UAF to meet compliance obligations hit me hard and I personally take responsibility for the decisions we are making to reduce or eliminate good programs. If there were things UAF was doing that I thought were not worthwhile, we would have already stopped compiling a list of certain programs offered.”

Although he began the application process to take over for University of Alaska president, Patrick Gamble, Rogers says a five year term as president would be too overwhelming for him.

“I deeply appreciate the support many of you have expressed, and hope you will give the new president and new¬†chancellor the same dedication you have shown the past seven years.”


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