‘Mad House’ Nellie’s legend enters digital lore

‘Mad House’ Nellie’s legend enters digital lore
May 4, 2015 Staff report

She’s already had her front page scoops, her round-the-world record, best sellers and, in 2002, her own U.S. postage stamp.

Nellie Bly postage stamp

Nellie Bly made her name writing about her experience in a mad house. She made history rounding the world faster than H.G. Wells dared imagine possible. In 2002, her  Now Google touts her gender-barrier smashing  contributions as an inspiration for young gals worldwide.

This week Google marked Nellie Bly’s 151st birthday with a home-page tribute, introducing the Golden Age investigative reporter as a role model for little girls world over.

image of Nellie Bly Google Doodle

#GoogleDoodle celebrates crusading journalist’s 151st birthday.

The print-styled cartoon is set to singer Karen O’s lyrical praise for Bly’s service as a role model.

“Someone’s gotta stand up and tell ’em what a girl is good for… “
Pioneer investigative reporter Nellie Bly.

Pioneer investigative reporter Nellie Bly.

Bly escaped the confines of polite reporting for women’s pages when she persuaded Joseph Pulitzer to let her pose as mad, gaining placement in an 1880s insane asylum. Her harrowing expose, “10 Days in a Mad House,” yielded a series for the New York World and a bestselling book of that name. She followed that stunt with many others, notably eclipsing Phileas Fogg, author Jules Vern’s fictional world traveler, as she rounded the globe by train and boat in 72 days.

“O’ Nellie take us all around the world and break those rules ’cause you’re our girl… “
Nellie Bly championed the less fortunate.

Nellie Bly stood up for what’s right.

“We gotta speak up for the ones who’ve been told to shut up”TEXT HERE

Google’s attention, showcasing Bly’s accomplishments on its main search page, appeared to spur others to renew attention on a remarkable woman’s life and times. TIME.com featured a news brief focusing on the #GoogleDoodle.

Amid the Mother Jones, a feisty non-profit owned magazine with its own reputation for muckraking, takes the prize for best headline.

Today Is the 151st Birthday of All-Around Feminist Badass Nellie Bly


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