Go to school for cheap this summer

Go to school for cheap this summer
May 5, 2015 Elena Sudduth

There is a great opportunity for students to take advantage of the multiple deals, tuition waivers and scholarships available for the summer semester.

First, there is a “Sweet Summer Deal.” This is financial aid offered through Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning and eLearning and Distance Education. SSD offers summer students the opportunity to enroll in up to 14 undergraduate credits and only pay tuition for the first 10 credits. So four free credits here.

Next, they have the undergraduate summer tuition awards. Those are three-credit undergraduate tuition awards for SSLL courses to qualified students with financial need.

As a summer student, you can take advantage of the R.G. & Onnie V. Bouchum/ La Shina R. Jones Memorial Scholarships. There are two $500 scholarships

They also help you with campus employment if you need a job.

If you are a non-resident or an international student, it would be beneficial for you to know that all summer classes are priced at resident cost.

Summer classes are a great opportunity to knock some classes out of the list and can be a great help for students trying to graduate on time. Bellow, there is an interview with Florie Wilcoxson, Associate Director of Summer Sessions, who knows more about it.


Elena Sudduth
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