The Reporter Who Can’t Let Go

The Reporter Who Can’t Let Go
May 5, 2015 Kelly Logue

Stabbed inside of her own apartment, Mahogany Davis, a mother of three, stumbles outside searching for help.

Although all three of her children were there, watching it all unfold, they were too young to remember anything.

The last words she ever spoke are only known to one person, and that person can not repeat those words because the case is still an open investigation.

Mahogany Davis Stabbing

Stephanie Woodard, a local reporter in Fairbanks, AK, took a very big interest in this case.  Mahogany’s mom, family, and sons make her want to figure it out for them.

Stephanie Woodard

Stephanie Woodard

“What really gets me about this case is that she said something.”

I asked Woodard what lengths she would go to to help and solve this case.

“I would do anything for this family to help.”  The reporter believes that now, after so long, is the time to revisit this case.  The new Police Chief, Chief Aragon has already picked up Mahogany’s file.

Stephanie Woodard covers Mahogany Davis Murder – Video

“It’s important that he knows that I’m coming for him about this case” Woodard explained, “It’s important that he knows her name.”

What Stephanie is getting herself into, the group of people that Mahogany had been associated with, is pretty dangerous.

“Just because Mahogany and her mom and friends were druggies” she defended, “doesn’t mean they aren’t people.”

Although she hasn’t received any reprocussions from digging around, it still has affected her every day life.  “It hardens you a little, what if that was me or my daughter?”

Mahogany’s oldest son just recently saw a shrink to try to remember the events that unfolded that horrific night.  He refers to the man as the yellow man.  Every skin tone has a different shade and this shade of the man was a yellow/black.

“I want to talk to her son.” said Woodard.

Every mothers day Mahogany’s mother comes up to see her grave and this year she is bringing Mahogany’s eldest son.

But there are only two people in this world who really know what happened that night, Mahoganny, and her killer.

“I think she said who the hell killed her.  I feel like it’s right there, I almost want to be psychic.”

“Stuff like that, I have to know.”


Kelly Logue
I am 22-years-old and a Broadcast Journalism major with a minor in Justice. I am also on the women's basketball team for UAF and will be graduating spring 2015.


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