Feeling passion’s pull: Taylor Vidic eyes detour

Feeling passion’s pull: Taylor Vidic eyes detour
May 3, 2016 Dillon Gillespie

Have you ever had a passion or talent that pulled you away from more practical goals?

School of Management student Taylor Vidic is serious about getting a business degree, but she’s eying another detour.

Taylor Vidic, junior Business student and Josh Vann, physics graduate student, perform at the UAF Pub.

Taylor Vidic, business junior, and physics grad student Josh Vann perform at UAF’s Pub.

As an 8-year-old, this young lady was performing at the second grade talent show. By her senior year in high school, she was singing the national anthem at the Chase field in Phoenix Arizona for 10,000 people.

“It’s funny,” Vidic recalled,  “cause I was less nervous for that, than I am to stand up and give a presentation in front of my class room.”

Friends and community members back in Juneau witnessed Vidic’s talent as a young performer.

“Taylor, she’s one of the best people I know,” Josh Vann, a physics graduate student and musician, said this March, during a break in a performance featuring the two at UAF’s Pub. He and Vidic were in the green room, named for the pistachio green walls, where the bands set up and prepare for their performances.

The pair shared a few laughs; both excited to play a show together for the first time.

Vidic’s following that night that brought out a crowd to the stage; students, members of the community, including physics Professor Channon Price.

In 2007 the Juneau Empire profiled Taylor as a “Student Artist in the Spotlight,” mentioning her hard work and talent. Her comments at that time, foreshadowed her drive for entertaining people today.

“Whenever I sing and perform,” she told the Empire, “I get an awesome feeling, like I could do it forever.”

In that same article, music director Sally Smith raved about Vidic’s versatility.”Although cast because she could sing, she also grew as an actor. With her approach to new experiences and learning, Taylor will be eligible for bigger and better roles in music and theater.”

As she put it, “Taylor Vidic is full of surprises.”

Taylor progressed from Juneau school plays to larger events. Juneau Lyric Opera celebrated her as returning diva in 2013. Her level of dedication took its toll.

“Juneau is an awesome community arts wise and other wise, but it made it really hard to be the student that I knew I could be.”

Recognizing this, she moved to Fairbanks to continue schooling and prioritize time better. Something she wasn’t able to do was leave behind her passion for music. Balancing her business classes with more artistic aspirations has left her conflicted.

“I feel like I’m teetering on the edge,” said Vidic, acknowledging her doubts about making it as a musician, while feeling that life pulling her back.

“The effects that I have seen on people from listening to my music are very profound, and knowing I can have that kind of impact on someone is incredible, it makes me feel purposeful.”

She credits the support of her friends and Fairbanks community with inspiring her to take the coming semester off and travel, call it a detour from academics, exploring just how far music and entertainment may take her.

In her own words:  “To give it a go.”

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